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Yes you can collect Steve Points in a variety of ways including viewing ads in the members area, logging in and viewing the daily login ad, redeeming promo point codes and for clicking links in emails I send out. You can even get Steve Points from owners of other sites that give them away or by competing in our Surf 123 promo.

Steve Points can be redeemed for real advertising and downloadable products. This is not some collect badges promo that gives you nothing in return except a collection and rankings or XP. Steve Points actually are redeemable for anything that is for sale in the site, a host of downloadable marketing training products and videos and even on advertising products. Example collect points and redeem them for Traffic Club inclusion, Daily login ad bookings or even banner ad packages.

A small selection of products & advertising available with Steve Points

Steve Points can be collected, stored and redeemed inside my membership area, simply signup today for your free account using the buttons below and start valuable points collecting.

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