So we are now over 24 hours since Tezzer Mail launched and I have been using it since launch and promoting it.

Well I was actually testing it a bit before launch, I sent an email out a few days before launch to make sure it all worked etc as I was lucky enough to get access as a JV partner.

So lets have a little look at this new viral mailer and see what is what.

First off a big thing for me on new sites is the design, does it have a nice design or is it just a basic header image thrown on top of the standard sales page layout and Tezzer Mail has not only a nice design but it has its own custom sales page too which looks great especially the signup button how it drops down to a form etc.

Next thing is the owner, Well Tezzer Mail is owned by Tony Tezak and Robert Puddy two of the people that have been in the Traffic Exchange & Viral Mailer industry for many years. Tonys other site Tezzers is a huge well used and one of the most popular TE’s out there so if he can do the same thing with his mailer then this one is certain to become a big one.

Growth. Well for a lot of mailers growth can be a big issue, It is something I had to address when I opened Mail Our List as most mailers get to about 2500 members and then really struggle. You will know what I mean when you look at the upgrades in Mailers, So many allow you to mail up to 5000 members but most of the mailers only have about 3000 active members some even less.

I had to throw a lot of money at Mail Our List to get it to the 5,000 member mark and that is something a lot of owners refuse to do or just cant. I cant see it being a problem for Tezzer Mail because of the two names behind it and the budget they have to promote it.

Features. Well Tezzer Mail doesn’t really have any special custom features just the normal stuff really but then most serious regular mailer users are just happy to login and get the mailings done and go again so its not a major concern although it would be nice if it had some sort of USP.

Prices. Well as you know this is a big thing for me, a lot of mailers out there use the out of the box prices and really believe that 1000 mailing credits are worth $10 which is just a complete joke. If your in a mailer that uses them prices then you can bet your bottom dollar the owners do not really know what they are doing.

I raised a few concerns at Tezzer Mail before launch and now I feel that the prices are just about right so thats another big plus for joining this one.

The Future, Well I see Tezzer Mail being one of the big mailers out there in a few months time, This one will grow and has already grown in just 24 hours more than a lot achieve in the first year. The top upgrade allows you to mail 5000 members and I can see that being reached before summer is out so its definitely worth upgrading in this one.

So all in all its a nice looking sure to grow mailer and that means its one you should really be using on a regular basis as so many come and go but like my Mail Our list I can see this one being around for a very long time.

So lets also mention that I have made it the Join Under Me bribe site so if you join in my downline you can claim up to $5 worth of Steve Points and remember they can be redeemed for real downloadable products or advertising of your choice.

Get $1 worth simply for joining as a free member and get $5 worth if you join and upgrade and like I said this one will be around for a long time so its a good idea to save big and grab that yearly one time offer on your way in. Simply claim your bonus Steve Points inside my Steve Points members area.

Tezzer Mail

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  1. Tony Tezak says:

    I appreciate your review and do appreciate you passing on information to us before launch that improved TezzerMail before it launched 🙂

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Your very welcome, we need some more good mailers in the industry. A lot have closed or gone stale.

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