All the time I get support tickets asking me where I promote and where I get my traffic from etc. People just want to know how I make a full time living online marketing but they dont seem to see my sites around a lot.

The answer to that is I probably dont get good enough results at the places that you are using etc.

I track my advertising and like to use the places that not only bring the most signups but the places that bring the most sales too.

Some argue its about numbers in Traffic Exchanges etc ie the more you get seen the better but its more than that, it is a lot deeper than that. Let me explain why…

I am not one for this TE has 50k members or this one gets 100k hits a day to sites etc. To me and most real business owners its all about what it produces.

Anyway so I use sites that might not bring 1000 signups but bring people in that take action and thats what I want. 1000 freebie seekers means nothing to a program or people using it. When exchange owners tell you otherwise they are wasting your time and credits. Why have your site shown to thousands of people that are never going to buy anything.

Anyway, I use selected sites, ones that produce for me, Maybe not all buyers but action takers at least.

So if you want to know where, sadly I am not going to tell you exactly where but what I have now done is opened the doors to my Co-Op meaning that you can have your sites included in my rotator and be seen at the same places 🙂

It is just $19.99 per month per slot and you get approx 5,000 hits per month.

For more information and to take part Click Here Now

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