Steve’s Login Blast

Have Your Site Seen By Everyone That Logs In At All 4 Of Steve’s Membership Sites For Just $3.99 Per Day!

At all 4 of my membership sites when a member logs in for the first time each day they are shown a login ad. All members that login must view the ad for at least 10 seconds before they can proceed to the members area making this some of the hottest advertising space that I offer.

Yes, this is your opportunity to be seen by every
member that logs in to the following sites…

Only one person can purchase the Login Blast each day, so you really do get seen by everyone that logs in during the 24 hours purchased. No sharing the space, no rotating sites, just your site shown to everyone.

You get your actual web page seen (not just a banner) in full page view under our Login Blast bar so viewers can actually browse your site and even join or buy directly from the window.

Be Seen By Everyone That Logs In During A 24 Hour Period For Just $3.99!

To buy a Login Blast, simply login to my members area (It is free to join if your not a member) and click on the Login Blast menu link and choose your day (Green days are available and red are already booked so be quick). It is all automatic so after clicking the day you can make payment then return to the page to add your URL!

With lots more to do inside like collect and redeem free Steve Points there is no reason not to register & login today…..