Are you ready to get your hands on one or all four Amazon gift cards and treat yourself to something nice.

To celebrate the new video sales pages at the four $7 sites and the fact that they are converting a lot better than the sales pages did I wanted to tempt you to give them a bit of promotion again.

So I have put together 4 sales contests and all in all you could win $100 worth of Amazon gift cards just by promoting your affiliate links. 

Amazon Gift Cards

The contests run separately on each site so you can choose to just promote one or all of them,

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I have made a few changes to the sales pages at all 4 of the $7 service sites to include the new video sales pages all the time.

I tested them and they are converting about 30% better than the original text heavy sales pages which is great news for anyone promoting them as an affiliate. 

The sales pages now feature the videos with a headline and sub headline then a few key points but overall they are a lot smaller and look smarter too.

Sales videos seems to be the way to go nowadays with so much stuff on the internet,

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