With a lot of traffic exchanges coming and going a lot just seem to look the same however Bags Of Ads bucks that trend.

It is possible to do a lot with the LFMTE script it just needs some thought and some effort thats all so it really bugs me when owners open a TE with the out the box theme and just a new header then everything inside is just the same.

So that is one reason why I think Bags Of Ads is a brilliant TE and one that you really should join.

Not only does it have a really nice design and killer sales page with a top class video it also has some great and really interesting differences inside.

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You may be aware that from time to time I build traffic sites for other people.

The latest one that I have done gives a different take on a Traffic Exchange, Call it a traffic exchange with a twist.

Its promoted more of an ad site with the traffic exchange section a part of that advertising inside. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately that it could be a really good way for the industry to go.

The good news is that the new site launches on Monday 11th Feb at 12 Noon EST and you can get in on the launch too.

The site is owned and operated by Tony Mathews the one that owns Atlas Safelist and Bought my old Mail Our List and Just Good Traffic sites.

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