So by now, you should be aware that I build advertising sites for others. Mainly Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

With it now being the winter and it’s getting cold outside I tend to do more building this time of year.

So to get some new orders in and also to celebrate Black Friday I have put together an awesome 20% off a site build if you grab your spot today.

For more information on the full site builds and what options there are as well as pricing please head on over to my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website where you can signup and login for free and view all the services that I offer and order them right on the site.

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My Black Friday offers are live on all my sites but only for today.

Look out for the page each time that you login at each site and if you miss it then just log out and back in, it will show every login during today.

Be sure to check each site as each only has the deals for that site on.

There are some great deals with:
Mailer credits from just $0.80/1000
TE credits from just $1.40/1000
Start Pages from $5 per week
Login Ads From $4 Per Week
Email Clicks from $0.015 each
Square Banners from $0.16/1000


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There are a lot of sites out there doing Black Friday sales already, heck in fact some have been doing them for about 3 weeks believe it or not.

However not many of them actually mean anything as they have sales and offers all the time. One of the traffic exchanges that has had a login offer for black Friday for a couple of weeks now had the same offer a few weeks before under a different name.

Here at my sites I am going to do a Black Friday sale but I will only be doing it on Friday.

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