One thing I really love about banners is that it gets your site name and colors/logo in front of people while they are surfing the web.

There is nothing like a quick reminder about your program or site to make people return.

That is branding and that is on top of people actually clicking on the banners to come to your site. You can actually get some great results from banner clicks and that is because someone liked what they saw and decided to click for more information,

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I have now completed the adding of the new Steve Ayling site look so that all of my sites run on a similar business branding.

I had a lot of suggestions from members from things like “make more menu options so easier to navigate”, “make things bigger as some text too small”, “make pages less cluttered”, “make pages wider as everyone uses bigger screens now”, all the way to comments like “get a hair cut” and “why are things under different menu titles at different sites of yours”

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