So after my last blog post/rant I asked for some feedback and I have been very happy with the response I got.

I asked for suggestions and changes that people would like to see at my sites and the responses was mainly around one feature that as it is a big thing for so many people I just cant ignore it.

I have taken a few things into account when making these decisions and that includes the 34 support tickets with suggestions (I have managed to reply to you all) A further 8 suggestions in my membership area suggestion box.

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I just wanted to do a quick update to say thank you for all the support tickets I have got in regards to what changes you would like to see. There are a lot along the same route and it would seem that some of my ideas I have implemented are not what the majority of members want even though they still use the sites because they see the value there.

I just want you to know I am loving all the feedback and I will try and make as many changes as I can to make the majority happy and improve the sites the way you want them improved.

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Over the last 6 months I have made a lot of changes to my sites so that they focus more on the real reason that advertising sites exist, and it would be nice now to see others take action too.

The changes I made after realizing that the exchange industry had been changing for the worse started a couple of years back when I limited surfing and removed all the cash rewards for surfing etc.

You see the real point of a Traffic Exchange and any free advertising resource is actually right there in the name.

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