Just a quick reminder that my 12 Days Around Christmas event starts Tomorrow.

You see a few people doing a promotion a little like this nowadays but for the last 5 or so years mine has stood out from the crowd for one real big reason.

Unlike others mine is not a promotion where there is a special offer for you to buy each day, mine is a free gift each day.

The free gifts come in the way of a promo code and can be claimed instantly or by surfing just a nominal 5 pages (Only because thats how the promo code plugin works on some sites)

Each person can claim each code once per day on the day that it is available and the gifts this year include things like 1000 email sends and 25 guaranteed clicks and tons more like banner impressions and Steve Points.

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Well Christmas is fast approaching and it is funny how people remember little things.

I got a support ticket asking when I was putting the snow on my websites this year 🙂

Well the good news is that the snow is now back as well as the Christmas headers too.

I will also be running my 12 Days Around Christmas promo again this year where I have a free gift for you each day and that will again start on the 21st December so keep watching this blog for that.

Back to the Christmas decorations on websites.

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