Is your traffic site ready to go? That is the question you can now ask yourself and even do something about it if the answer is no.

I have finally got around to redoing my site Ready To Go Traffic Sites and all the changes are now live.

You can view all the popular services that we offer including a new design theme, sales page copy, one time offer setup, site matching support desk installation and also a full 1 hour live review of your website.

Lately we have seen an increase of the number of LFMVM and LFMTE sites that have opened their doors and are using the standard out of the box theme and also the standard sales page.

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I am someone who likes mods and plugins that save time and make life easier for running my sites and that is why I have had some LFMVM & LFMTE Mods / Plugins made.

Unfortunately at the moment not all are ready to be sold but I have my first one available to sell.

You can check out my LFMVM & LFMTE Mods page here

The first LFMVM & LFMTE Mod is called Admin Banners and it lets you manage some special banners from your admin area.

You know those banners that are in places like your footer file or on the sidebar etc, to edit them you have to login and edit the actual files where your footer and sidebar is etc.

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