Is your traffic site ready to go? That is the question you can now ask yourself and even do something about it if the answer is no.

I have finally got around to redoing my site Ready To Go Traffic Sites and all the changes are now live.

You can view all the popular services that we offer including a new design theme, sales page copy, one time offer setup, site matching support desk installation and also a full 1 hour live review of your website.

Lately we have seen an increase of the number of LFMVM and LFMTE sites that have opened their doors and are using the standard out of the box theme and also the standard sales page.

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So at the moment there is a lot of talk about list building and wether when promoting in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers you should be List Building or not.

It was mentioned in a post this week at Hit Exchange News and also Scott Rohn mentioned it a few times in his surfing critique video on his blog too but what is all the fuss about.

We see people promoting splash pages as an affiliate for a site they belong to in order to gain referrals and earn affiliate commissions etc but what difference does list building make and didn’t everyone say we should be promoting using splash pages anyway?

Well if your going to promote a site that is yours then its ideal to promote a splash page that brands the site.

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I have opened the doors to my new site a site that sells sites that I build.

For years now I have been building sites for other people, yes some of the traffic exchanges and mailers that you use could well be ones that I have built for the owner.

Last year I decided that I wanted to build sites that are different instead of more mailers and traffic exchanges but no one came to me with any ideas for different sites. That lead me to decide that I was going to build them with the ideas that I have, then list them up for sale for others to buy and own.

So Ready To Go Traffic Sites is the place where that can happen.

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