As someone who has built over 25 Traffic Exchanges and Mailers since 2003 (Either for myself or others) I know what it takes to make a Traffic Exchange or Mailer stand out from the crowd.

The trouble with Mailers and Traffic Exchanges is that most owners get something wrong right from the start. It is huge and it can really affect how their site does.

In fact, getting this wrong is the biggest cause of so many owners not being able to make ends meat let alone a profit from their site.

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So it has been a strange 6 months for me. I have been a little bit lost after the passing of our dear friend Stephane.

We had a few plans together to really shake up the TE and Mailer world but now that is, sadly not going to happen.

I spent a while thinking about what I really want to do and I decided that now was the time to get off my bottom and actually do it so as well as a lot of work online I am now a Locksmith as well.

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Firstly thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my ongoing ramblings as I review the year.

The Christmas decorations on my sites are now down and the 12 days around Christmas promotion has come to an end.

I am still proud to be one of a few that actually gives things away for 12 days and doesn’t try to sell you a special for 12 days. Christmas is about giving isn’t it after all.

Big plans for this coming year but I have to start my review of 2017 with a lot of things that really bugged me.

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