This is something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.

The idea sort of came about when I was thinking about new mailers that open they have a great click through rate for a while then it evens out and steadies out.

As the site grows, the clickthrough rate tends not to increase with the growth and I have been putting that down to people just not clicking emails and forgetting as such about the site.

So with people not really clicking or opening or reading the emails it can be a big drain on your mailing credits/sends.

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Many of you will know that I like to try things that are a bit different to the norm and then track and test the results to see how it goes.

You will notice that I tried selling one big pass that got you upgraded at all my sites but this didn’t seem to work to well but I had to try it for 6 months to see how it went.

I have also recently tried removing credit sales from sites and using special offers and that was after testing the normal special offers in the site like others do so I thought I would share some results with you and show you what I found out.

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So after my last blog post/rant I asked for some feedback and I have been very happy with the response I got.

I asked for suggestions and changes that people would like to see at my sites and the responses was mainly around one feature that as it is a big thing for so many people I just cant ignore it.

I have taken a few things into account when making these decisions and that includes the 34 support tickets with suggestions (I have managed to reply to you all) A further 8 suggestions in my membership area suggestion box.

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