I have had a further review of my business over the last couple of months and have decided to make some more changes.

For the last couple of years I have been developing a website that does not run in the Internet Marketing niche that Traffic Exchanges and Mailers do and is a very local based website.

This coupled with the slow down of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers and the success of my traffic club has meant that not only do I not have as much time but it is also harder to promote so many sites when other sites have a limited number of ads they can show.

For anyone that does not know how my traffic club works basically my main rotator shows one of my sites then a traffic club members site.

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I have made some much asked for changes to the Surf 123 promo and I think you are going to like them.

The promotion if you are not aware consists of a select group of TE’s that show the Surf 123 page on the 123rd page that you view/surf that day.

By entering your Steve Ayling username you can collect free Steve Points which by now you should know are redeemable for real advertising and also a host of great downloadable products etc.

The promo before used to reward you with between 0.02 and 0.10 Steve Points for finding the page at each TE in the list each day and that did equate to up to 0.80 points per day.

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I did a sort of experiment over the holidays and most of you probably noticed it but did you act on it is the question.

At Just Good Traffic, Mail Our List, Easy Cash Advertising System, Easy Cash List Building System and here in the members area I had a Floating Action Button.

The only image that was there was of a sleigh. Did you notice it moving up and down the left hand side of the main members page at those sites?

If you did then thats awesome but did you click on it is the question?

You see it was there to see if people clicked on it and those that did was taken to a page where they was thanked for their curiosity and rewarded with $1 worth of Steve Points.

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