Since adding the suggestions page into my Steve Points reward area of this site we have had quite a few great suggestions from members who love collecting the points and redeeming them for real advertising and products.

I have added 19 more products to the site now that you can use your Steve Points to get. These include ebooks with resale rights that all come with sales pages and graphics ready for you to sell to others or use to build your list. There are also some really great product packages that have resale rights too so why not head over and take a look under the Products menu.

Members suggested that they should get more points for each Points To View ad that they view and advertisers wanted a longer timer on them so now we have a 15 second timer that earns you 0.05 points per view (Remember points use a value like cash so it is like 5 cents per view) These can also be purchased using your points (We make no profit on these ads)

Finally members wanted ways to get more Prize Wheel Spin Tokens as they love playing so what I have done in order to also reduce the cost of the daily login ads is to change them from giving 0.05 points per day that you view it on logging in to now giving a Spin Token.

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I have made a couple of changes to the Steve Points reward program.

A few people have expressed that it was too awkward searching through a ton of emails to find the reward codes that we give out when people introduced others etc.

What I have done is made a couple of changes so that now it no longer requires looking for an email. The codes now appear on the sites automatically when you achieve your goal.

To do this I had to change the make a purchase one to when you earn a commission so now its even more rewarding to introduce others to my sites.

You get Steve Points now when you introduce your first member at each site and when you earn your first commission at each site (When a member you introduced purchases something) The claim points codes for these will display on the referral and commissions pages.

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I have added a new feature to the Steve Points reward system.

Many of you will have noticed we now have a cool members area here where you can not only view my top 10 mailer and TE lists, Grab all your affiliate links in one place or collect my join under me bribes but also collect Steve Points.

Steve Points is my reward system and you can collect them by joining my sites, by referring people, by making your first purchase at each site and also by collecting various point codes from other sites, from emails, promotions and anywhere they might end up. Plus we have a sweet points prize page rotating in some Traffic Exchanges.

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