I have made 2 changes this week at Just Good Traffic

On Friday we had the Challenge Friday event and more people than ever took part 🙂 What I have done is upped the prize from 50 credits to 100 credits 🙂

Yes whoever wins now will get 100 credits for winning.

The second change affects the Friday challenge a little and that is that I have been able to increase the daily surf limit from 750 pages to 1000 pages.

This is because since we enabled this more people are buying traffic again as a result of the better quality traffic and people not surfing thousands of pages a day like they do at other sites eating through your hard earned credits.

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Well I am expecting a mixed reaction to this and I am sure that a lot of people will have a view that they choose not to share in the comments below.

Anyway lets crack on…. I have limited surfing at my traffic exchange! Yes all members can now only surf 750 pages a day but why?

Well I have always been a big believer that a traffic exchange is well, a traffic exchange. A place where people surf to earn traffic to have their site shown, a kind of you view my site and I view yours. However in the last few years we have seen a big shift in the way that most exchanges are promoted.

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While I am addressing my views on Traffic Exchanges and populating my blog with some posts to start it off there is another topic that comes and goes all the time so I have to address this one too.

You see as an owner I think it is important that members know where I stand on certain topics, It helps them get  a grasp at what they can expect and helps them understand what my aims and targets are for my exchanges.

So this is about surf timers (Oh no the people that think timers don’t matter say) but here is my view and one that I think a lot of people actually over look also.

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