So we are already a few days into the new year and I just wanted to do a little recap.

The 12 Days Around Christmas promotion went well again this year. Not as many claiming prizes and quite a few only claiming one every few days not daily.

I think that could be down to the niche we operate in as a lot now are part time at doing this and there are not as many people that work online every day like before.

It was nice to see that most of those that collected gifts actually used them and added their adverts in.

So we will see what this year brings but I am planning some exciting things and I know a few others that have some things in the works too.

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Massive news today is that I have sold my two biggest websites and I wanted to let you all know why.

I have been super busy promoting my Traffic Club as that has grown massively and requires more attention and nearly all of my advertising resources.

Therefore I have not been able of late to give those two sites the time and promotional space needed to take them to the next level.

So I found a new owner for them that has already promoted his existing safelist a lot and spends a lot of time online promoting so this is just what it needs.

I will still be about to help when needed and give advice etc so the sites will continue to grow a lot better now with more hands on the deck.

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Hello everyone, I hope the Christmas preparations are going to plan.

I just wanted to do a little quick post to let everyone know that I have rebranded Steve’s Traffic Co-Op to Steve’s Traffic Club.

it is only a minor little change just done for two good reasons. Firstly I wanted it to feel more friendly like your part of a club rather than just buying a Co-Op slot and secondly that while applying for Merchant Accounts and other payment processors over here in the UK they was very put off by the name Co-Op.

Over here a Co-Op seems to be more where people all pull together and invest together and take shares of the profits etc and as I am trying to focus more on the services rather than the opportunities then I think this is a very important step to take.

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