Well I am expecting a mixed reaction to this and I am sure that a lot of people will have a view that they choose not to share in the comments below.

Anyway lets crack on…. I have limited surfing at my traffic exchange! Yes all members can now only surf 750 pages a day but why?

Well I have always been a big believer that a traffic exchange is well, a traffic exchange. A place where people surf to earn traffic to have their site shown, a kind of you view my site and I view yours.

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One thing that has really made me wonder over the last year is why people seem to be ashamed of owning a Traffic Exchange. What I mean by this is that most traffic exchanges that you go to surf you are faced with words like “Advertising Platform”.

I understand that outside of the niche people do seem to look down on traffic exchanges but that is because a few big players that do not know how to use them and probably stuck their 20 minute read sales page in got no results but at the end of the day it is still a traffic exchange no matter what you call it.

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