Today I wanted to talk about how most TE and Mailer owners buy and use too many mods.

I do a lot of work on Traffic Exchanges and Mailers for owners like cleaning them up and restructuring prices and settings etc.

While doing that work I have noticed one big thing most TE and Mailer owners have in common.

They all buy and use too many mods.

I do need to point out that mods come in two categories and we are talking here about just one of those categories of mods.

The first set of mods are admin style mods that make the site run better and easier for admin etc. The second set is games and features.

Now I have noticed that a lot of owners that I do work for seem to buy and install pretty much all the mods, without actually thinking about the issues that can cause.

Lets now have a little look at the issues caused by adding too many games and features to your site.

Each time you add one that requires a place in the surf to show or display you are actually losing one hit. Someone else website could have been shown there.

Now think about if you had 5 features or games that have a play then a score/results screen and they each show say every 30-35 pages.

30-35 pages equal about 3 times per 100 pages surfed, approximately. So 5 mods/ features using 2 pages each time is 10 and then 10 multiplied by 3 is 30.

That means you are using up 30 places where you could have had someone else site showing.

Secondly, if all mods give prizes say for example it was only 1 credit per game that is 15 credits every 100 pages. That might not sound a lot but if you are giving a 1-1 ratio then you lose 15%. This can put you in a big black hole with a massive credit deficit very quickly.

Thirdly, By a lot of sites adding them all instead of actually being a useful feature, it now means that all sites are pretty much the same.

Lastly, How much money are you spending buying all these games and features? You really should be using it to advertise and grow your site.

So, what is the answer, Steve? I think that you should only have a maximum of 2 games and features and then also put some effort into them at the same time. Do one thing and do it well is what I am getting at here.

Make your site based around one great feature and stand out more for having one mod than everyone else who has and is using multiple mods.

Remember just because you bought it, does not mean you have to use it on every site you own.

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  1. Hey Steve,

    These are some good points. There are way too many exchanges and mailers out there. It’s hard for new ones to make it unless they find a way to stand out. I often check the stats on any new exchange I come across and most of them struggle to get more than a few hundred members.

    They would be much better off focusing on one mod or niche to make them stand out from the rest.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Exactly, Theme your site around one big feature and then limit everything else in there 🙂

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