TE & Mailer Owners

I have some promotional opportunities and information for TE & Mailer owners and I am always looking for new owners to work with and I also have some services that maybe of use to you.

These are split into 3 sections below: (Promotional Opportunities, Services & Products, Information & Deals)


Promotional Opportunities

Give Away Points

Steve Points are my reward points system that members can collect for a variety of tasks and then redeem the points for real advertising and products. You can purchase Give Away Steve Points to use as a prize or bribe for your members. Points are transferred in the Steve Points membership area by simply adding the amount and the members username. You can buy Give Away Points for as little as $12. Buy them inside the Steve Points members area now.

Add Your TE To Surf 123

I run a surf 123 promotion where members can claim Steve Points on page 123 of your TE, Big Steve points collectors regularly surf these sites to get their points. Unlike promos at other sites that cost between $5 and $50 per day this is priced at a reasonable $10 per month. Check this page out for more info

Login Ad Swaps

My login ads run when people login to my members area and therefore I am able to trade slots on comparable prices, For example if yours is priced at say $4 a week at one site then we can trade two $2 days at mine for that week etc as long as yours is reasonable priced (ie dont say its priced at … when there are no bookings in your calendar as that is not a reasonable price as no one is booking it). Contact me to discuss I am sure we can work something out.

Send An Email Swaps

If you own a site and would be interested in trading email promotions where I send an email to my site promoting yours and you send to yours promoting mine then please contact me and we can discus which sites will work best as it needs to be a mutually beneficial promotion by way of site size etc.

Autoresponder Spot Swaps

I have emails that go out to all members automatically at varying day intervals that recommend complimenting and similar type sites to members, if you have a site and would be interested in swapping spots in your Genius X or autoresponder for some mutually beneficial promotion then please contact me now.


Services & Products

LFMTE & LFMVM Mods/Plugins

I have started to put together a collection of great mods / plugins for the LFMTE & LFMVM scripts so if any owners want to check out and purchase my mods you can see more about them here.

Need Work Doing On Your LFMTE or LFMVM?

I also offer a service where you can hire me for an hour or multiple hours to complete some work on your LFMTE or LFMVM site. I can do all sorts of things like tidy up the pages, install new designs, create themes and menus, sort out some site issues and even do complete site makeovers too. This can all start with a free consultation too where I can have a look at your TE or Mailer and see what needs to be done. You can find more about all my services for existing site owners here.

Want A New Site Building? Be It A Mailer, TE Or A Backend Site Get In Touch

I do build websites for other people, in fact there are quite a few mailers and TE’s out there that I have built. You can have me build your next TE or mailer and say goodbye to the hard work or the out of the box look and have a TE or Mailer to really be proud of. One that is set up to work both in sales and numbers. Most do not understand the Math behind these sites and that is something I specialize in. Remember I do this full time so I know what I am doing. Find out more about my site building services here.


Information & Deals

Steves Traffic Club – Information & Traffic Deals

I run a Traffic Club which is a bit like the old fashioned co-ops where people can add their site into my rotator and then with the money they and I put in to advertising I buy ads at various places to show their sites. Some owners do not like co-ops showing in their TE however I would like to point out that mine is not run the same as the new co-op set ups where members can promote links to accumulate credits. This is not a credit based traffic club and members can not promote the club themselves, the only promotion of it is done by me and I buy credits to use to do so. If you are interested in supplying me with bulk credits at a discounted price then get in touch. If you still wish to not have my club shown in your TE then please let me know by support ticket and we can add you to the no promote list.


Contacting Me

Contact me to take part either on skype (steveayling)
or by submitting a support ticket here



Terms Of Trades

*Please Note: I reserve the right to refuse trades and promotions with any site that I feel does not meet my high expectations for any reason.