You may by now have got the gist that I am very big on trying to improve results in Traffic Exchanges.

Still many argue that results have not gone down but that is simply not true, You see a result to me promoting my programs is when someone joins that program and it takes a lot more credits now than it did a few years back to get each signup.

In fact my stats show that on average and this is with checking my tracking and mainly using the traffic exchanges that produce better results that it takes about 5 times as much traffic to get a result.

I am a big believer that this is down to a lot of people that are not surfing to build a business or maybe they are but they surf more and more pages each day to get trinkets, collectables or even just small amounts of cash for surfing.

I tested something new at Just Good Traffic – OK maybe not new as there are a couple of other sites that limit surfing however some boast that their TE is better because it delivers so much traffic.

Is it really how much traffic delivered or how the results are?

I would like to share with you a screenshot that I stumbled upon while checking out the stats for a Traffic Exchange co-op called ViralTECoOp this displays where they got the best results and it was so nice to see that my efforts to increase quality and results is paying off.

You can see that from 774 hits they got 3 signups to their co-op 🙂 Compare it to others and you will agree results at Just Good Traffic are improving…

Traffic Exchange Co Op   Your Sites on 356 Traffic Exchanges

Because of the limits to surfing traffic delivery has slowed down a lot there and slowly recovering but thats good because it means your traffic is not being wasted. As you can see its great to be getting that many signups from that many shows of a page 🙂 Sure beating 99% of the other TE’s i have been advertising in lately.

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