So about a week ago I joined this new site “Thank You Page Connection” and set up my banner & text ads etc and immediately started getting some results.

Then on Saturday they added the main component the Thank You Page Ads. I immediately set that part up too and added my ads and then placed the code on my login page rotator. You may have actually seen it when logging in to one of my sites.

If not here is the code here so you can see what your ads show up like

So over the last few days my ads have been getting clicks and even a few signups have already come from them.

But something I really like about these sort of sites is that a lot of them do not really give you much unless you spend a few dollars.

We are not talking bank breaking costs but a few dollars and you can really benefit from these sites.

The other good thing about that is that as most inside have had to spend a little to get the most then they tend to be more spenders and that has resulted in some good sales from those signups that I have already gotten.

So there are the positives about the site, what about the negatives. Well there are a few and one becomes apparent as soon as you visit.

These are not the best looking type of sites and also can take you a few minutes to work out where you are and what pages you need once your inside but when you get used to them they are all pretty much similar in set up that way. I think its just the script that is used for the membership part of it.

Anyway to conclude I think this is another site that I am happy to be part of, and one that has already returned more than my investment in terms of delivering signups and sales so I am very happy there.

Check out Thank You Page Connection today by clicking here

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  1. Steve, I am just wondering: a few years back they launched a program called “Thank you page ads” or something like this. Even the ads look exactly the same. So what is the difference? Only the design?

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yeah it is very similar and works in the same sort of way. I am a member of both and both work really well. The main thing here that does well for me is they mostly tend to be full of people that do not operate in the area of Internet Marketing as we do so there in majority not mailer or TE members. These sort of sites also do not really give you anything for FREE. You have to upgrade to get a lot of lifetime ad spaces etc and that means that the people they get in seem to be accustomed to spending money. Ths is what has made this site the biggest referrer site for mine for a long time 🙂

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