So you all know that I had a set of 3 websites until today.

There was Just Good Traffic that is a free traffic exchange, followed by Easy Cash Advertising System, a pro TE and then Mail Our List a free mailer. So to complete my funnel and up selling opportunity and to give people natural progression from free to the better earning world of paid I have now added the 4th piece to the puzzle.

Easy Cash List Building System

Easy Cash List Building System is now live and it is a pro mailer. Not just that because it is pro it is marketed as a cash earning system as every active referral guarantees you a cash commission. This has been very popular on the ad system version as it shows people just how much money they can earn promoting other peoples things.

In the next few weeks you will see all 4 sites start to link together a bit better and then it will be a cool step for members from one to another. I am a big believer in making things easy to follow and helping along the way so keep watching for a better traffic exchange and mailer experience.

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