Due to some big changes in the industry over the last 4 months I have made some big decisions and that involves restructuring my business to make sure that it keeps moving forward into the future.

There is a lot of speculation as to why a certain payment processor decided to not want to do business with a lot of sites in this industry but the main problem I am having is the refusal of UK merchant accounts and other payment options because of the site being a service and also an opportunity.

The main focus of the changes is to make the sites more about the service and advertising and also less about the opportunity parts. If you think about it, people really should be making money by using the advertising or service the site provides anyway.

This enables me to focus all my efforts into one part of the industry the advertising part so I will also be changing up the sites to make them more simple and easy to use so advertisers can come in and get straight to what they want without all the fluff and stuff.

The less features will not only make them easier to understand but create less confusion and support tickets etc. But do not worry, we will still have a few fun games and certain rewards things included.

Most of the sites have already had new sales page copy and sales videos to reflect the service part and not the opportunity and I will only be closing one site the 7DollarSites hub that is basically an opportunity as it no longer fits with future plans. That is a free site so no one will lose anything.

Anyone with upgrades etc at my sites need not worry as you will still have the upgrade for the paid for time ie if you are a Mail Our List lifetime upgraded member you will still get the highest level available with its new benefits and perks etc.

I am removing banner and text link ads from all sites so that they can be all run through here so you will need to assign your banner and text link impressions asap, You can then delete banners with impressions assigned and they will be converted into credits (See in each membership area for that sites conversions) Anyone with any impressions assigned when we stop banner ads will auto have them converted to credits so you dont lose out.

I am doing the changes in steps so its easier to manage and give time for certain parts but eventually each site will close for a day or two to be completely changed as the time comes.

For more information during the changes and to keep on top of them I have a changes page where it explains everything in more detail and gives a timeline for all changes and that will be added to as and when.

Changes affecting each site will be listed in the site at the top near the menu inside members area and we will send an email to the site the changes concern as and when we add the next changes to the list.

To visit the changes page click here

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