So, it’s my 40th Birthday on Friday and that will be marked by the end of a big chapter in the form of my blog and sites.

As you may know, I am closing down the reward points part of my site dude to lack of use. About 2 people a week login now so it’s not worth keeping it open.

At the same time, I have decided that I will also be closing down this blog. Yes, you read it here first.

Nearly 15 years this blog has been running and it will be a very sad day to see it go but if you are reading this then sadly you are one of just a handful that still does read it.

You will notice that hardly anyone comments anymore and the purpose of a blog seems to be getting less and less each week.

I have always tried to have my say and educate and help people however I can but recent posts about things like saying that sites need to look good to stand a chance are instead of being met with thanks for helping has resorted in support tickets from owners with no money moaning that I am putting their site down and that it’s okay for me that has money to spend on their sites etc.

Whatever you think about my thoughts you might want to read my end of the blog review later this week where I will address a lot of things in the Traffic Exchange and mailer niche and more than likely pis a lot of people off.

I am going to use it to have my say, to get some things off my chest and to really say what I have been wanting to say for years. If your an owner get ready for a bashing haha.

I will try post on Wednesday so keep checking back 🙂

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  1. I hate to see the blog close down

    • Steve Ayling says:

      It’s just not popular enough anymore. I have plans to keep my ready to go traffic sites and this will also turn into a site where I recommend other good sites etc so there will still be some value here 🙂

  2. Hey Steve,

    You would think if people actually had something to say about your posts, they would leave a comment. It does no one any good to complain in a support ticket. At least then we could hear their side and start a good conversation.

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