When setting up an online business it is very important to have a plan. Not just any old plan but a fully worked out strategic setup plan. People call this a funnel..

Over the last few years I have been setting up my funnel and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know a little about how it all works and the reason for having one.

You see its ok having a host of websites but you need to ask yourself a serious question and that is “Do you really need more than one?”

A lot open a traffic exchange followed by another and then another and well sometimes even more but would it not be best to focus on just building one?

If your plan is just to open traffic exchanges then yes just open one and make it big, If however you have a carefully thought out plan which means that each site you own has its own purpose and reason for being there then go for multiples 🙂

This is sadly where a lot of people go wrong. Hey even I got stick for opening a set of 4 seven dollar sites and that was all part of the big plan.

I am a big believer in traffic exchanges and mailers that instead of owners just pocketing all the profit that some effort and money should be put back in to helping the members.

My funnel is designed to work like this. We all know that the real money is not in clicking for pennies or collecting trinkets etc, the way most of us owners even got started was as an affiliate, promoting other peoples things for traffic and money. Well this is my plan.

I have a free traffic exchange Just Good Traffic and a free mailer Mail Our List and when the members land here the funnel will take them through the process of slowly getting comfortable in promoting them sites as an affiliate and also taking the next step to starting to spend a little money to make a real business of it.

You will notice that my developed sites that offer services to the members have been made not with making profit for me in mind but making basic services needed by members to go that next step forward by getting those services at a very reasonable price and also by incorporating a very sweet 50% affiliate commission on promoting it to others. This is designed to not only reward them promoting but make it a reward as if they can also help 2 people to do the same not only will those 2 people be in the same position moving forward with their online business but also the person referring and helping them would get their investment back.

The other sites in my funnel are pro sites, meaning once people take that next step up they can promote to other spenders, the perfect environment for them to share their ideas and developments with like minded others who are also willing to invest in their future.

Lastly I have developed a reward site that is designed to further reward members for joining my sites, referring their first person to each one and earning their first commission. These rewards are in the form of Steve Points and they can be redeemed for real advertising and downloadable products too.

So there you have it, a brief overview of why I have the sites I have and how its all set up to work in the future and in about 60 days when the funnel is complete this machine will roll on to help people in this wonderful niche that we operate.

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