Today a fellow marketer and TE owner posted a blog post about the future of traffic exchanges and being someone who feels very passionate about TE’s and quality traffic I just had to write a reply.

You can read Barry Langdon’s Blog post here

But here is my reply which I thought would be good to share..


This is something I have been thinking a lot about over the last couple of years.

Traffic exchanges as the name suggests used to be all about traffic. Now the focus seems to be more on both cash and games and less about what the actual part of the name suggests.

I have re focused my exchange on the traffic part and yes its a slow start but changing where its promoted ie to people in traffic generating sites rather than in sites where cash is the main aim I am seeing it pick back up big time. Not massive in surfing numbers but then I have always believed that surfing is a by product of a traffic exchange in the sense that it is something you can do in exchange for buying.

This I see from my own tracking is improving results in promoting advertising sites and here is the big point…

I think there is room for two types of traffic exchanges, those that are focused on traffic as they provide better results for those seeking and promoting traffic related services. Then those that focus and offer cash for surfing as they probably provide better results for sites and services offering cash.

It is like two different audiences, one lot that are after traffic and the other lot happy to surf away for a few pennies a day. Some will argue that they cater for both but this is not the case as catering for both is a lot less targeted than picking one, and the less targeted it is the less results individuals get.

So I see a future for both models however not a model trying to cater for both, I think it would be best for those cash sites to rename themselves surfing sites and those that focus on traffic exchanging to use the name traffic exchanges. I do not class a site based around games and cash giving as a traffic exchange. Most people are not actually that bothered about the traffic, the traffic seems to be a by product to them.

Also owners are losing focus on the point of advertising in favour of surfing numbers. Its like a I must get millions of page views a day and who cares about the quality.

I will as always get some slack about these comments and about the fact I think 2 second timers are a complete utter joke and achieve only two things, 1) to deliver more traffic for the owner all be it low quality traffic. 2) to please power surfers or those interested in surfing lots for games, bragging rights, trinket collecting or for small cash rewards.

Focus more on quality and what people are surfing for and supply targeted advertising and then you have your market there.

It is all about how you set your business up. I have a network of sites focused solely on advertising and therefore a ton of people surfing for pennies and not traffic does not provide those advertisers that promote with me with quality views.

In fact, im really going to cause a stir now lol, I do not even call 2 second traffic from a site that encourages people to surf thousands of pages a day even traffic, it to me is nothing more than wasted bandwidth.

I know the way my sites are going, I know what quality I want to provide and that is cool. Im not saying it is the only way or the right way, people just need to realise im doing it to better target the traffic and so that it fits in with he area I am concentrating in.

So in conclusion, The future I see for traffic exchanges is a split in the industry to ones where traffic is the focus and surfing is just a way fo getting that traffic (Old style) and one where the focus is on surfers and whatever rewards you want to give them for doing that.

Dont get me wrong, both can make money, I have built a ton of traffic exchanges for clients over the last 10 years, Probably touching 40 odd now and some are in different areas as described above. I know for a fact both can make money and be profitable. Ie surf for whatever ones sell lots more upgrades but not much traffic, Unless its pennies per 1000 offers and the traffic no paying cash ones dont sell as many upgrades however sell a lot more traffic (you dont see me doing crazy sales offers on hits)

So there you go, A long long post about 2 ways the industry has already split, and remember folks, you might think they are all going the cash and 2 second way but believe me, there are thousands of TE’s out there and you dont even see half of them, you mainly stay around an area and group and believe they are the biggest and best and yet its like the solar system, there are many more groups and areas out there, some that have not even added cash or commissions to their sites and are still good old traffic exchanges and yes they work. I do this full time, I make a good income from this so believe me, YOUR way whatever it happens to be is not the only way, its not even the right way it is just one way and one small part of a business.

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  1. Janid Inayat says:

    For me as a marketer the answer is quite easy. Track everything you do, and use only services that work. Ignore all the bells and whistles, cash surfing this and that. Some TEs that offer cash for surfing convert quite good, others just plain suck. The same goes for traditional TEs

    As a marketer you only care for results. So tracking is key. Whether you offer me cash for surfing, pan cakes or beer I don’t care as long as you give me results on my marketing campaigns.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Exactly, by surfing for pennies it takes a long time to buy a beer, however results and quality traffic equal sales and larger amounts of cash that can buy you lots of beer lol

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