It has been a very hard year for the Traffic Exchange and Mailer industry as a whole and it doesn’t show much sign of vastly improving any time soon.

There is a list floating about of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers that have gone offline and we are pretty close to 500 now so that shows something in itself.

One thing with the last few years in this industry is that there have been new TE’s and Mailers open but most (Nearly all) have been basic standard out of the box set up with simple errors like not even changing prices really obvious.

A lot of TE and Mailers in this industry are starting to adapt and make changes and improve, there are still those that have not changed and still slowly plodding down the same path and you can see that it probably is only a matter of time before they go offline as the owners of them are having to take on second jobs etc just to stay above water.

On the other hand there are some TE’s and Mailers that are really pulling out all the stops and trying and testing new things and making changes to rise to the top. Then there are owners that even though they have had some set backs are investing in getting new sites that actually do kick butt.

This is what this post is about. Something that could give the industry a little kick up the butt and a bit of happy confidence, the launch of a new Traffic Exchange.

I have built this traffic exchange, not for me to run but for someone else who has had a couple of set back with their past sites but really trying to up the game and investing in the best for their new sites.

A brand new TE that has all the maths done and all the prices and offers worked out that actually make sense. Quality prices and memberships that are sustainable and don’t give away the farm. It has a nice clean design and also a twist on a feature that gives it something a little unique too in its 5 min boosters.

This TE is set up for the future and it is set up to be sustainable and not run itself into the ground like a lot have been built and set up this last year. It is also linked to the owners new Hub where they will be offering blog posts, product reviews and suggestions as well as a well set up support desk for any help needed.

So if you want to perk up the end of the year and want to give it a go in being a JV Launch Partner then head on over to my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website where you can get access to all the info needed and sign up for early access.

The launch is scheduled for Monday 27th at 12 noon EST so get in fast and secure your place. It could be just the little bit of fun and the extra quality that the industry needs right now.

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  1. Rick Roberts says:

    The problem with TEs, TAEs, Safelists and so called viral mailers is the traffic is incentivized in an old and outdated method. It used to be that putting up an optin page would get a decent optin rate (still lower than buying a real solo ad) but now you’re lucky if you get 1 or 2 optins for a 1000 views. Something needs to change to make the traffic more worth the effort or the ad spend. I don’t know what and I wish I did.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      I totally agree which is why new TE sites like this that don’t incentivise people with trinkets or small cash rewards will help the business bring back the advertisers and small business owners that trade traffic. We ended up with an industry full of people clicking for pennies and not interested in trading traffic. Some of us are committed to putting that right, just wish all owners would remove the cash prizes and help rather than making the industry worse.

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