I have been doing Internet Marketing now for 13 Years (Give or take a month or two) and I have bought and downloaded, listened and read my way through countless products and services to learn how to actually make a full time living doing this.

I had to pause in shock there for a moment realising that this is my 7th year of doing this as my full time income as the first years were a part time effort building my business along side a full time job.

I cans till remember the days now going to work, putting in a 12 hour shift, coming home and sitting on the computer working away till the early hours and then hopefully having enough time for a couple of hours sleep.

You see at the start I think I did everything you could possibly do wrong and I really thought it was time to jack it in a couple of times back then. However every time I was about to give up I had a little break from my plan, downloaded a ebook and read away with more useful techniques and the plan changed, I got that spark back and off I went again.

Heck, most people struggle trying to build their first list, trying to get them first few people on them lists but I grasped the tracking and stuff that helps you get the best of your marketing right from the go so I was actually quite lucky in that I had a biggish list pretty quickly.

The trouble was, I didn’t know what to do with them, I sent out your standard generic affiliate emails and stuff and I got a bit back from it, nothing to shout home about or to buy a new car with but I carried on.

From then on most of my lists were due to members being part of the site, Your membership is kind of your list anyway as you email them. But then this happened.

Most will know that I wasn’t well a few years back now and I had a rough time and thought I wasn’t going to be able to continue working online. I put up all my sites for sale and made sure they went to at the time good owners. However there was a bit of an issue and that my membership base was my list so my lists went too.

Anyway to cut a long story shorter as it still pretty long I came back online and well, I had to start again.

Not a problem, I knew what to do and in the last couple of years I am back now to memberships totalling over 25k that I can mail but I never was very good at that right.

Well while I was coming back I started taking it a bit more easier and having more breaks, I spent it soaking up more information on what I felt I wasn’t very good at, Mainly that what to do with your list.

Well I came across a product that taught me so much about list building and what to do with your lists that my lists now actually make up nearly 50% of my income. Promoting things that others own and my own sites, knowing when to trigger interest in a particular site and such.

But the real point of this and the real good news for you is that very same video course that made me think. Taught me some stuff I didn’t know to fill the gaps I had and more importantly got me thinking and evaluating how to do better with my lists is now available for you today..

As most will know Mark Fox launched an info product and pro mailer built into one yesterday. Basically your buying access to the videos and then getting to mail other action takers at the same time. The real good thing is them videos in the site are the very same videos that made a massive difference to my bottom line.

Get access now and watch these videos, about an hours worth of the same information that made my lists what they are today. Grab access right now using the banner below..


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  1. Paul Kinder says:

    now that is a good read!

    proper story to hook in the reader and all that kinda stuff you thought you weren’t any good at it LOL

    good advice too 🙂

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