Over the last few weeks I have been promoting some advertising sites that are not directly involved in the Traffic Exchange or Mailer field but very much so the Internet Marketing and Work From Home niche. However, You MUST Take Action.

I promoted these as very good places to advertise to get people to spend money with you and there was a very good reason for this. The people in these sites tend not to be the penny surfers, they are not really people making a collection of trinkets while surfing, in fact the majority of them are not people that currently surf at all.

The people that I have found to be in these sites are people that instead tend to buy advertising and seem to be looking for more places to buy that advertising too.

I wanted to share a few stats with you, now bare in mind these stats are from 3 sites out of the 7 I promoted to you and they are for long banners only where most have also got text ads, login ads and square banners as well as the main part of the site ie thank you ads or confirmed ads etc.


As you can see from the image of the stats below that just from 3 of the sites I have had over 264 clicks on my banners and we are talking in a matter of weeks here. So as a rough calculation as I looked through all 7 sites at all the ads available I think I have had about 1400 clicks on my ads in total from these 7 sites.

Lets put this into perspective for a minute, That has enabled me to grow my sites very fast, for example this helped Mail Our List fly past the 16,000 active members mark but the real power is the sort of people coming in.

A lot for these people that have come in have bought something. Yes we are talking not about bringing hundreds of penny surfers in, we are talking about people that are not afraid to drop $100 on advertising. In fact most of them that came in decided to upgrade, a lot bought credits and impressions too. See, because they get the same results as me in these sort of programs they are used to spending money on their business.

If you don’t invest you will never grow at a good speed. I cant think of anyone that earns a living in this game and has not invested in their business.

So let me come to the main part of my post.

While promoting these sites to you I mentioned that they was only really good if you actually spend money and buy some ads and the reason why is pretty clear from the stats I just showed you. Those banner ads were not free, They cost money. When you upgrade at the sites (All one time fee’s) or when you login you will see offers to buy these ads, In fact go back and look at the stats again. You can see where I have bought some, then gone back later and bought more to add to them.

So my main point here is you have to take action. When I promoted these sites to you all over the last couple of weeks I got about 220 referrals across all 7 but how many took action, How many bought lifetime banner and text ads like I said you should to get the benefit from them. The answer is about 12….

Now these sites are keyed up to be sites where you buy advertising and that is exactly why the results from them are so good because your advertising mainly to people that buy and invest in their business not people that just try for free. You see these sites will hardly do anything for you if your a free member. Like most sites really.

So you MUST if you want to grow your business spend money people when the sites require it, 208 of you basically wasted your time because either A) you did not listen or B) you just wont invest in your business.

If you joined these sites get in there and buy some ads, have another look at how many clicks you can get…

If you have not yet joined them click here and you will see the sites randomly open in a new window, or check back some of my latest blog posts that promote them.

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