While I am addressing my views on Traffic Exchanges and populating my blog with some posts to start it off there is another topic that comes and goes all the time so I have to address this one too.

You see as an owner I think it is important that members know where I stand on certain topics, It helps them get  a grasp at what they can expect and helps them understand what my aims and targets are for my exchanges.

So this is about surf timers (Oh no the people that think timers don’t matter say) but here is my view and one that I think a lot of people actually over look also.

You see I love living in the UK and I love the fact that I live literally a stones throw from the beach. Ok I have failed to actually hit the beach yet by throwing a stone from mine but I have got it to land on the sea defences bank which holds the sea at bay. Anyway my point is that the UK is a great place although we are not blessed with the best internet in the world. In fact we have one of the worst. Some days I am lucky if I can pull 1 meg and it is very rare you can watch TV or the football highlights (soccer for my across the pond friends) without it buffering all the way through.

Now my point to this is, Slow Internet means slow load times and this is where I find issue with the no second timer or even the 3 second timers. You see I can actually surf a zero second timer and surf 25 pages in a row and not see a single page load up. Now I know this is a traffic exchange and that we are supposed to exchange traffic and look at each others sites but we all know that some wont and is that fair on the advertiser.

With a 3 second timer the page actually loads up, well maybe not fully but I can sort of make it out and this is annoying also. You can bring into the debate things like people tab surf anyway and that most have fast internet and if people do not want to look they wont anyway but I say at least give the page a chance, at least give the advertiser some respect and don’t give that person the option of moving before its fully loaded etc. Yes they might not look at it when its there but they definitely wont if it don’t have chance to load up.

On this subject there is also another thing that annoys me and that is timer reduction and how people make it out to be a good thing. You know the emails I mean. Timer only 3 seconds today have fun and enjoy the fast surfing. Firstly anything you do fast is not enjoyable if it can be achieved at a relaxing speed. (Excludes rally driving etc that has to be fast lol) Secondly who is enjoying it the surfer maybe but the advertiser is not.

The thing that gets me the most is that I buy say 10k credits when you have a 6 or 8 second timer then half way through you cut my advertising exposure. Would a TV advertiser be happy if his 20 second commercials were cut to 10 seconds for the same price. TV advertising is no different, you can have sound and picture in a TE and people leave the room in ad breaks to go toilet or make a coffee so that is the same as maybe tab surfing or not looking at the page.

Anyway a note to other owners here, Wondered why I have stopped buying credits at your TE maybe this is a reason 😉

One other thing people use is things like there are sites like stumble upon where there is no timer and it gets great results. That is completely different because people have no reward for moving off the page. Traffic Exchanges that give credits have people moving on fast  because it is how they can accumulate a lot of credits. Your rewarding people in a TE to surf multiple pages at Stumble Upon there is no reward and people are not surfing for any other reason but to look at the pages.

Now this is the bit that a few will laugh at but its pretty much fact. You can listen to recordings of people that don’t think timers matter where they say themselves hardly anyone buys credits nowadays and that exchanges used to make a lot of money but nothing like that much any more. Well the profit has gone down because the sales have gone down. The sales have gone down because people do not see the value in buying it now and the other things to go down are things like the timers. Pretty sure you can put two and two together and say there must be some link there. If you still think that has nothing to do with it then what is the reason? There is a comment box below so you can have your say 🙂

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  1. I love this… I have said it all along. The ones that want you to believe that timers don’t matter are the ones selling you short. Advertisers needs eyes on their ads. If you don’t believe timers don’t matter, then I have ocean front property here in Ohio I will sell real cheap.

  2. Steve –
    This may not be a popular post but it is spot on point.
    Sure the average viewer can tell if an advertisement interests them in a few seconds but if the page never has a chance to load that is not possible.
    I’m not a fan of very long timers- these days that is 12 seconds or more. But, I do think there should be a minimum of 5 seconds allowed to give the page a chance to load. What advantages does a short timer give the advertiser? I can’t think of any.
    The only one gaining from short timers is the site owner who is moving more traffic. Quantity is NOT Quality- in my humble opinion.

  3. Interesting topic here and I have tested this with my own surfing – and just going to add my 2 cents. When I’m surfing and seeing the same page over and over again, it drives me crazy to set there to the 10 seconds. That being said, I probably am more of a surfer than most and surf for many reasons – but to see the same site in all the sites I surf I just want to move on. That is why you will hear me preach, design something that will stop me – then I really don’t care what the timers is I’m going to stop and read your ad. I can see your point on where the loading time is slow and feel for you as that would drive me crazy – you have to have patience galore and applaud you for that. Thanks for the post – very interesting topic.

  4. Hi Steve, Nice Post
    My view on the Timers. On 1 site I have 10 sec timer for free members, 7 sec for 1st level upgrades and 4 sec for top level upgrades, these are stated quite clearly on my site. On my other site I have 8 second timer for all accounts
    I believe that primarily I am providing a platform for people to advertise their businesses and products/programs. This is after all what a Traffic Exchange is about, Promotion of opportunities.
    I believe that people should have the opportunity for their promotions to be seen. Yes I do also agree that people need to think in creative ways to attract people to their promotions by making them dynamic , fast loading, captivating and placing the viewer in a state of wanting to know more.
    Reducing Timers to 0 for instance is purely and simply for a users mentality.
    I believe that if an owner wants to reduce the timer to 0 then it should be a membership level that is designed for promoters only.
    Doing this to get numbers up, really does nothing for confidence in a site as being a valid place to place advertising. To what degree does an Ad get seen at 0 timer.
    Now having said that one also has to create an experience for the user/surfer so that they come and view the advertising that has been placed in rotation.
    It is a fine line in pleasing both Advertiser and surfer,
    Just be dynamic on all counts, present a good user experience without compromising the integrity of the purpose of the site in the first place.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I am sorry I did not post until today but I have been busy with school. I did not forget you though, amazing I know! Anyway, this is my opinion on timers and those that use no timers on their sites. I have surfed at a couples site that have no timer or the timer is reduced to like 3 seconds and to be perfectly honest I did not like it! I did not click as soon as I could because I was looking over a site/advertisement.

    I am not going to mention any names here, but one site that had the lowered timer at a site that I did join after reading it and I thought it looked like a great idea to join the program. That is me though! What about the surfers that are clicking as soon as they are able…I know from surfing myself that they did not get a chance to see the site being promoted so who is really the loser?? The person placing that ad is and they are the ones TE Owners should be accommodating to first – so maybe sales and things are down due to some TE Owners not taking care of the people trying to promote a site or program!

    What people do not stop and think about is this – Yes, it is your site, but it is for the use of others and we need to think more about them, not what YOU as the Owner wants all the time. That is good customer service in my opinion – so what are you TE Owners doing to provide good customer service to your advertisers? Answering support tickets quickly, chatting and hanging out with people in chat? Hummmm

    Marilyn Martin

  6. Alan Buck says:

    Too many TE’s lure you in by offering extra services and credits, but then they are quick to take them away once they find out you are not going to upgrade, or not going to make purchases of items, many of which can be acquired elsewhere for free and with fewer strings attached.

    Timers of any type seem to have little effect on this type of recruiting. The bigger issue here is that the user sees little value in the end product; therefore, there is no customer satisfaction given or gained.

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