We have seen a lot of changes around Traffic Exchange and Mailer land in the last 12 months.

Basically the loss of Paypal on a lot of sites left them either going offline or adapting to a changing market.

We have seen so many sites go and yet some still survive and are as strong as ever.

One thing I have really noticed, is that results have changed in a whole load of places. I am one for tracking my results and I decided that as so many sites was going offline I really needed more sites to advertise at and so I went back and tested again some of the places that never used to produce for me.

The results are pretty interesting. For a site to have survived and carried on during such a down turn it needs to have some quality behind it. Most of the cash surfers have left the industry and while a few sites still give out cash prizes as a bribe to surf the ones that don’t seem to be producing better results.

So it is very important to test places that you don’t use and test the ones you had forgotten about and see if they are now producing good results where as they didn’t before. You might be surprised yourself and you might be passing by on a whole lot of conversions because of your past testing.

In order to test your results you need a tracker to see where the results and signups are coming from. Getting a tracker does not have to be expensive though. You can join something like Cash Track Bar and pay just a one off $7 with no monthly fees.

Cash Track Bar is affordable tracking for everyone so there is no excuse not to test and track your results. You could save yourself a lot of time and money.

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  1. Bruno Duarte says:

    Only the strongest sites prevail.

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