Hello everyone, I hope the Christmas preparations are going to plan.

I just wanted to do a little quick post to let everyone know that I have rebranded Steve’s Traffic Co-Op to Steve’s Traffic Club.

it is only a minor little change just done for two good reasons. Firstly I wanted it to feel more friendly like your part of a club rather than just buying a Co-Op slot and secondly that while applying for Merchant Accounts and other payment processors over here in the UK they was very put off by the name Co-Op.

Over here a Co-Op seems to be more where people all pull together and invest together and take shares of the profits etc and as I am trying to focus more on the services rather than the opportunities then I think this is a very important step to take.

It has taken a while and I think I have got every reference in the members area sorted to reflect the change but if you notice Co-Op anywhere then just give me a shout.

Also after a successful Black Friday sale on Traffic Club memberships I have decided to permanently reduce the prices to those sale prices so you can now be part of the Traffic Club for $14.99 per month or only $9.99 per month if you buy in a year block. Anyone already subscribed can remain at the current price and will get higher inclusion (More hits) or can cancel the subscription and take the new price. (Those that joined during the Black Friday sale are already in the new set up as I created it for that event)

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  1. As a fellow Brit, I fully understand the desire to change the name. And as they say, ‘a rose by any other name…’

    Quite apart from the reason you have given, for the benefit of those living elsewhere, there are number of businesses here using the name Co-operative, from banks to funeral homes, department stores and local grocery shops. Being associated with that name, no matter how tenuous the link, is less than ideal, in my view.

    I view the Traffic Club as a sound investment in my business rather than just an inexpensive way to get quality traffic (although it is certainly that too).

  2. Steve Ayling says:

    Yeah have you seen the big increase in Co-Op shops opening back up everywhere, They started to disappear and now there tons of them again.

  3. Hi Steve I wanted to say Hello and I like that you changed the name. It is very fitting and I totally understand why Co-op my be a problem with the payment processors. They are so picking aren’t they.

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