Ok, So I was sorting out my bookmarks into different folders and I came across my referral link for Traffic Swarm.

I decided as in the past I loved that site to head on over and check it out. When I got their as it is one of those sites that your credit balance is used automatically until its gone I had no credits there. My ads were old too so I decided to add a couple of new ones.

So I wanted to really check it out and see who was promoting what there so next job was to open up the surf page and click on some ads. Its pretty simple you click the add and wait for the timer to run down then click go and then see if there another ad you want to click. You can click more ads if not but I decided to get a good feel on what was being promoted I would click on most of them for a few mins.

That few mins turned into two cups of coffee and I had accumulated about 150 credits but alas it was time to close down the computer and head to the pub.

So the next day after answering support tickets and checking emails I nearly always start the main jobs by checking my tracking and well what a shock. There was 2 signups from Traffic Swarm to Mail Our List!

I was really not expecting 2 signups from 150 credits thats for sure and the ad shows that 11 people had clicked on my ads which meant 11 people saw my site too. So as I always do I get a little excited and get my wallet out. The good news is that there is a special deal on at the moment where you can get the first month upgrade for just $15 a month (The normal price is $30 a month which is a bit steep but for those sorts of results I do not mind)

Well I am 2 days into my upgrade now and used about 1200 of my 5000 included credits (I guess I should click some more and top them up a bit) I have had another 4 signups to Mail Our list and 3 to Daily Mail Blaster (2 of which completed the paid signup there and paid for entry)

With results like that I had to write this post and tell you all about it, Traffic Swarm might be a old classic site but by heck, its still working today, probably better than it ever has too.

If your not yet a member then you can join today from the banner below

Traffic Swarm

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  1. Bruno Duarte says:

    Classic, old school, there is a reason these sites are never disappeaed 😉

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Yes indeed, and it shows that making lots of changes to the original Idea was also not needed too, going back to how it all begun makes me happy 🙂

  2. Wow that’s Awesome Steve. I have an account there. I don’t like their upgrade prices. But I think I will surf a little and see it I can get some more sign ups for Adkreator. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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