I am a big believer that everyone should be able to have an opinion on all subjects relating to activities they take part in and as this is my blog this should be the place where members of my sites can see what I think to certain aspects of the business.

One thing that has been brought up lately is the matter of surf icons and some have changed them to a more safer way of working. This has been a hotly debated topic and here is my view.

While cheating happens in all places and I am not saying that surf icons should be your only way of stopping it. I have a lot of procedures I follow to combat cheating at my sites, some are done daily, some twice a week and some weekly but that is a different story. Anyway back to icons. I am aware that everything can be cheated and that changing the icons will not make the exchange completely un cheat able but also feel that this was something I wanted to look into.

The new icons people are using mean bots that cant match the two images can not auto surf the TE and cheat members out of page views as no one is looking. While I am sure this will also be broken soon it does not in my opinion hurt to do it. In fact I encourage it and here is why.

While not wanting to make it harder for existing surfers having to think more about clicking the right image, I changed mine but to use matching images just shown at different orientations. Now the interesting part is that when I did this surfing actually went down by 20%. Now before you say people left, I made sure I did not jump on the band wagon and change right away I monitored regular surfing for 5 days then changed it and monitored again. Well we have had these different icons now for over 5 days and there has not been a single complaint about them. In fact most people do not even notice the change until they look closely.

So by looking at the people who no longer surfed they was people that I thought could maybe using bots (Ones with strange names, no pic, no banners or anything except one site added) and the ones that I knew from chatting to and following as regular surfers were all still there.

Anyway my point in this whole post is that people changing this have lost about 20% of the surf, Now to me that is a good thing as I am a big quality not quantity person. I want you the members to get the best results. I am not interested in the “ooooh my site had 150k hits yesterday” crap that people spout, you see to some it is about delivering as much traffic as possible and results are not a consideration.

So back to my point of the post. While some owners will say im not changing them or it is not an issue I say, Actually I think it is, Im a big traffic buyer and well the people that refuse to try probably wont know that as I probably do not buy from your TE anymore because results are not good. You see, at least some exchange owners are trying instead of turning a blind eye to deliver more hits and to get the stats flowing fast to make it to the top of the rankers etc.

Turning a blind eye instead of trying is a sad thing to do in my view and I really think surfers should look for the people that show they try and think, This is someone that cares about their TE and quality.

To sum it up, stop knocking the owners that try while you sit there turning a blind eye.

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  2. Nice job on your new blog, Steve. Looks great!

    I fully agree with getting rid of surfing bots, and concur that the 20% drop was likely because your icon changes had the intended effect.

    It’s been a shot-in-the-dark guess of mine for years regarding bots cheating the system… and 20% sounds about right with my suspicions.

    The removal of surfing bots should also have the added benefit of improving the quality of sites being shown… assuming the bots were used to send traffic to sites as dubious as their credit-earning methods.

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