This week we have seen Two Newly Launched Sites and they have turned out to be some of the best sites that have launched over the last couple of months already so I thought it would be right to give a little review of them.

It is nearly every day that we now see a new Mailer or Traffic Exchange launch in this niche however a lot of them are very poor and use bog standard themes and pretty much all work and look the same but then there are the odd sites that really stand out.

Yes sometimes when sites are Launched you can see that the owners have put some real effort into it and that is what we really need to be rewarding in this business so I have great pleasure in letting you know about these two newly launched sites.

The first one is by my good friends Kenny and Sammy Kolijn who already have a couple of really good mailers and now they have one on a custom base script that is set up and works a little different to your standard mailers that we see day in day out.

The main thing I like about the sites that these brothers come out with is that in my view they are pretty much always set up right. We see so many giving away the farm and with crazy silly low prices and we all know that most of them fold after a while. These guys do it the way I like to do it, Sustainable pricing structure and the math behind the site make sense on what can and cant be given away.

So if you are looking to replace some of those “Rubbish” (Yes I said it) mailers that just do not cut it and your looking for one that will be around for a long time to come then you really need to check this site out, click the banner below.

List Impact

The second site that has launched is a banner site with a few cool differences. At Pulsating Banners your banners actually pulsate and that is a great proven way to get more clicks, They really stand out and I have at the time of writing this already had 14 clicks out of just over 4600 impressions.

Added into this is a great opportunity to earn some real nice affiliate commissions promoting it as the pricing structure is at highly proven price points for this market. I can say that as I actually had part in the building of this site.

It also has something that I have not seen before online and that is not just a banner exchange but a banner exchange built in where the banners pulsate where you put them on your sites.

I really love banner advertising and I really love this site and so will you so check it out from the banner below.

Pulsating Banners

P.S. If you join Pulsating Banners in my downline you can claim up to $5.00 worth of advertising free at any of my sites with my Steve Points Join Under Me Bonus from inside my members area 🙂

I hope you enjoy the two sites above and get as much value from them as me.


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