One thing I really love about banners is that it gets your site name and colors/logo in front of people while they are surfing the web.

There is nothing like a quick reminder about your program or site to make people return.

That is branding and that is on top of people actually clicking on the banners to come to your site. You can actually get some great results from banner clicks and that is because someone liked what they saw and decided to click for more information, Its a bit like a pre sell.

Anyway due to a increased popularity at my sites because I have set up a few cross promotions etc, we are displaying more and more prime 125×125 square banners at the top of the members pages.

Remember these are shown at the top of members area pages only so prime ad space to people already logged in. 

They are shown at both Just Good Traffic and Easy Cash Advertising System and displayed and set up via the latter. 

So to get some more rotating to be seen by the increase in members logging in I have decided to give everyone 1,000 impressions absolutely free for surfing at Easy Cash Advertising System.

All you need to do is login to Easy Cash Advertising System and enter promo/surf code 1000SQUARE and surf just 100 pages or more to be awarded with your impressions. 

Get your banners seen or use them to earn commissions or build downlines by promoting something else as an affiliate. There free and its prime ad space 🙂

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  1. john worsham says:

    Good article, I enjoyed it and it was informative.

  2. Love the article. I will be in on the banner move.

  3. Hi Steve I like branding banners too.

  4. Bo Tipton says:

    I also like using banners. They have always worked for me. No not as high a conversion is other things but very consistent and easy to keep running. Thanks for the promo code for the free advertising

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