In the Traffic Exchange and Mailer niche, there are sites opening weekly but a lot of them just do not cut it when it comes to things like looks and set up.

So when a new site launches that look great, is set up the right way and has the numbers right then there is nothing better than joining and making this one part of your regular mailing routine.

Some people try to do things on the cheap and think you can open a site by just throwing a basic rectangle header image on top of the out of the box theme but then they end up getting lost in the flood of other basic sites.

If you have a look around, the sites with a good looking design and ones that have had some investment are the ones that are doing the best. Basic out of the box sites sit there with hardly any members.

Anyway, back to the new mailer. Tony Mathews has added the last planned Mailer to his list of advertising sites and it’s a good one.

It looks amazing and it is set up and priced right so that makes this a must join for anyone who uses mailers to promote their business.

Click the banner below to join now and use promo code NEWMEMBER for 1000 free credits.

World Traffic Mailer

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