So it is now 2016 and I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and New Year and are ready to make a big impact in this new year.

I wanted to take a moment to mention what I am up to and where we go from here this year.

Marketing online is about getting things set up right, it is about adding bits and improving bits as well as following through the marketing funnel.

Well that is what I am up to as we speak, The past year has been a year of linking up all my stuff, refining the finer details and making sure that they are set up in a way that will take them into the future. It is very easy to put a site online and make money from day one but it takes a bit more effort and skill to make it through a couple of years with it still going strong.

So as you know this is my full time income, it is how I make my living so I have to get this right and thats what I have been doing and I am not far off where I want to be.

My marketing funnel is about complete and all my sites are set up and the latest thing that I have just finished today is the whitelisting instructions for each site. A lot of work and time goes into these little things but they help to make the sites complete and user friendly. Same with my pricing structures, If you could see me sat there with the calculator and note pad for hours on end you would probably not believe I do so much.

So this coming year I plan on finishing off my marketing funnel and continue to move everything forward. At the same time as I really enjoy the part of building sites I will be building sites for others via Ready To Go Traffic Sites so keep a look out for them if you want to be part of a launch.

You will also see me spend more time blogging here about the industry and things that have happened and are happening so probably not a good idea to get on the wrong side of me because people that know me know that I find it very hard to hold back. There are a lot of things happening in this industry that need calling out and that they will so keep posted for the rants.

So I would like to finish off by wishing you all a very happy, productive and prosperous new year and look forward to working with you all 🙂

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