As many of you will be aware the new EU GDPR framework for data protection means that we have had to update our Privacy Policy & Terms for each website.

We urge you to visit each site and check out the new terms and privacy policy. They can be found with new links on the sites footer.

From a end user point of view you will not notice much change to how the sites work etc but behind the scenes we have taken some steps to make sure only necessary information is collected and used to provide the services you expect.

Luckily we have always operated in a way where you have to tick the box to agree to terms before signup, this now states agree to terms and privacy policy as the old privacy policy was in the sites terms and now it is separate. That means unlike some sites we do not need you to re subscribe again which is great news.

The good news is that while updating the terms (removing the privacy parts) we was able to add new terms in for a new feature that we are adding to each site over the coming days. Keep an eye out for that.

Remember if you no longer wish to hear from us you can delete your account at each site from inside the site members area and that will remove all account data we hold for you. Note: due to new data laws we are unable to store this after deletion so that means accounts are non recoverable.

Should you not be able to login to your account you can simply request your password via the link on the login pages at each site to gain access to delete it yourself or you can send us a support ticket where we can delete it for you. We will ask for proof of account ownership before manually deleting so doing it yourself is the fastest and easiest way.

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