So as you all know by now (Unless you never read my blog posts, but then I guess you wouldn’t read this either) the industry that we mainly operate in has taken a bit of a beating lately by a few things that mainly relate to a site that made us the industry look bad and also a payment processor that decided to tar us all with the same brush.

So after a lot of thought and planning I announced that I am going to be making some big changes to the way I do things so I thought I would update you on what issues I will be addressing when making the changes to the business.

First this week has seen a lot of changes already in our industry as numerous sites have gone offline, Paul Kinder has joined forces with AKH Media the makers of the LFMTE script and Lots of people have thrown the towel in and surfers have dropped off the face of the earth in huge numbers although as someone who never targeted penny clickers or trinket hunters that later has not affected me as much.

So let me point out some key issues that I am going to address, some issues that have caused a problem with the said payment processor and some that could potentially cause issues with other processors going forward. My view is that it is no good not changing anything and plodding along using another processor. It is perfectly clear that this has come about because the processor does not fully understand how we all operate and think we all run like a few bad apples have.

Traffic Quality = This is a key point that I have always tried to focus on and a lot of people added distractions and other elements that ended up bribing people to surf for a collectable or for a few cents as they tried to cater for the market that currently was. A lot of those penny surfers have exited this arena now so its a good time as any to make changes and target other areas of internet marketing. Areas where people are wanting to advertise not collect pennies for surfing hours a day. So this is something you will see change a lot at my sites.

Built In Affiliate Programs = One big thing that came across to the processor and also has posed a big issue and refusal for me to accept other payment options is the in built affiliate programs. Nowadays the internet marketing industry seems to use more external affiliate programs ie JVZOO and Clickbank etc as they are not inbuilt. The issue raised by one merchant operation when we tried to use them to accept direct card payments was that an inbuilt affiliate program comes across as a monetary investment, Ie people buy an upgrade/membership/product to earn commission and that seems like investing some money to earn some money so you can see why that posed a problem.

The Race To The Bottom = By focussing on people that collect trinkets as a hobby or surf for pennies the industry has filled up with a lot of low income people and a lot from places in the world that are not as well off as others. This has meant that prices have fallen to be inline with what is reachable to those people. However what has been neglected is the people with products ranging from $17-$97 that are out of the reach of a lot of these surfers, they in turn do not advertise in this niche anymore. The opportunity is here now to start to create better quality in turn raising the prices of page views etc to reflect the better results and quality and to stand out from those that refuse to adapt. Basically move into a new arena of real marketers.

More Targeted Traffic = That above part brings me on to this, While some say things like Stumble Upon attracts everyone and has wide appeal, our quality mainly came from the fact that we was actually quite niche tied before. When you have a internet marketing and advertising style site and services you really need to be advertising to those in the same arena, Someone who does not have an online business and was just looking for a cheap holiday online is not going to buy your tracking service or join your advertising site etc. The wider the audience the more diluted and less value the advertising becomes. It is 2016 and people target ads now down to the smallest detail.

So there are the main things I am addressing and obviously there will be small changes and maybe some big changes made in other parts and areas as that will be needed to implement some change and to reach the end goal. Anyway that is all for now and I will update you more as we go along.

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  1. Bruno Duarte says:

    Cant wait to see whats up….non the less i still think ppl are blowing too much smoke as regarding these processor issues. I personally never had a single problem in any of my sites and the processors i use but i toke a huge hit as no one is wanting or willing to use new processors and are afraid to use the usual so definitely something needs to change. Quality is on high demand these days. Cant wait enough to see the changes.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thanks for the reply, While at the start I agree with part of what you say that people blowing it out of the water but this last 2 months I have seen the other side to it, I have tried with about 6 or 7 processors and merchant account options etc and because of the way the business model is set up with regards to built in affiliate programs and things like that all have refused. Here in the UK it is not a case of not wanting to move and use other ways it is also a case of two other things, The first being that a lot of processors have refused the business model because they do not understand it and see it too close to models they do not support. Secondly that it is all also dependant on who you target. It is ok for a group of surfers to all change to Payza for example and then owners except that but if your targeting new people online that have not even heard of Payza so not willing to signup to them then you also face issues there that you cant accommodate your target market. That is the key here, I know my target audience and that I need to offer ways they find acceptable to pay with and if that means changing a few things then so be it.

  2. Paul Kinder says:

    Hey Betty 🙂 you already know I love where you’re going. It is perfect for you and your business. I hope more follow your example and really think about where they need to target their biz. There are lots of options out there, if businesses are targeted they’ll attract the right people and deliver the right to grow and expand again. Trying to please everybody doesn’t really work in general. Oh thanks for the mention too – but where are the ducks? lol

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Hahaha ducks may make a return soon but for now its snow and Christmas. Targeting is the key, its worked so far for years for me just now im going to more aggressively target lol

  3. tomwacker says:

    Steve, you and I don’t always agree, but today I can say that I agree with what you said and are doing 100%. Thanks for the great post.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      I wouldn’t say its so much that we dont agree, It has always been more of the fact we have targeted different people and thats good. Not everyone needs the same people on their lists 🙂

  4. A year or two from now, those of us who are still around may look back on this current storm as being just what this industry needed.

    Personally, I would rather have 500 hits a month on my promo pages from serious marketers than 5,000 from people surfing for pennies or prizes, with no real interest in what is being promoted. Over the past few months, I have stopped using several non-productive traffic exchanges, and replaced them with just a few pro-only sites, or quality sites with fewer distractions. I suspect I am not alone.

    Keep up the good work, Steve.

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Hi Dave, Yes that is exactly my point and what I am trying to achieve, Just one customer from one good hit is a lot better than 10k hits that are not even looking at the pages. Im sure you will start to see a lot of sites make a lot of changes to improve quality. Well I hope so anyway.

  5. Bruno Duarte says:

    I definitely agree…i also been reducing the te sites i use and using those who have been more productive. Time saving, quality above quantity. I be looking forward to see what you are cooking. Like i mentioned earlier, i like how you run your sites. 🙂

    • Steve Ayling says:

      Thanks for the nice comments and continued business. It will not be long before you see the new plan and I think you will like the idea 🙂

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