Okay, tomorrow is the start of my 12 Days Around Christmas Promo where I give out a free gift every day for 12 days around Christmas.

This year there is over $15 worth of gifts for each and every reader of my blog to claim completely for free and nothing to buy.

But before we get to that tomorrow I wanted to have a bit of a rant!

So we all see new Traffic Exchanges and Mailers coming out all the time but not very often do we see a good one.

A couple of weeks ago we saw the launch of Banner Blitz Mailer where it was a mailer that looks great and also has a bit of a unique feature with the banner blitz part.

That was a very successful launch and the site is doing really well. Not every launch is like that though.

You see most new launches of mailers and Traffic Exchanges are just the basic out of the box sales page and standard theme with maybe a different header and footer image plonked in.

These sites never do thousands of dollars of sales in the first month let alone week like the good ones with a lot of creativity.

I see it all the time, new owners commenting things like how do I set up this game or this mod or this setting, You know the out of the box ones just like everyone else has in their site and set up the exact same.

It really bugs me and I hardly if ever join any of those sites, Why because not many of them last very long because they are too plain, too the same and too basic with no creativity.

Now I understand that some owners do not know how to do that or how to change or edit things much but just because you do not know how to do it does not mean it is okay to just open the site anyway as it is.

What you could do is hire someone to do those things for you or to help set up a theme or a feature to base it around.

I am for hire from inside my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website and I have a whole host of services that owners should really consider using before they open the doors.

Remember what they say, first impressions count.

So that being said if first impressions count what does it look like when you are using the put the box sales page and theme without any changes or very few and also without any creativity inside or theming or features. It looks cheap, it looks like you are a novice and it looks like you have no idea what you’re doing or you just don’t care. Is that the first impression you want to give?

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