Okay so lots of people buy a TE or Mailer script with the big dream of opening their own site and making a million dollars by this time tomorrow.

Well okay, everyone knows you are not going to make a million pounds with a TE or Mailer, not in this day and age but if you have bought a script and you are intent on opening one then there are a few things you need to know.

Oh and this comes from someone that has owned various Traffic Exchanges and Mailers for 15 years now. Not many people own them as a full time business, you can probably count the numbers that do on one hand so for someone that does then I do kind of know what I am doing lol.

Anyway if you purchased the LFMTE Traffic Exchange or the LFMVM Mailer script then you will be happy to know that I think it is probably the best script out there for opening a mailer or a TE with.

There are however a few things that I do not like about it and they are four big things that will set you off on the wrong foot if you do not address them right from the start and that is what I am going to cover now.

Firstly, The script is sold as ready to open and all included ie a template ad sales letters and one time offers and credit prices etc etc.

That is complete and utter bull**** and if you open your TE or Mailer like that you are going to fail. Don’t believe me? how many successful ones look like the out of the box one does? None!

So what is it that you need to do? lets cover each part but you have to realize it is not as simple and straight forward as buying your script and opening it up.

Number 1 the design and look, The script has a look and theme and well basically it is the same old boring look. Firstly ask yourself if you want it to look exactly the same as a lot of other small unsuccessful sites and that alone should tell you that this is something you really need to address.

You need to go out and get yourself a design done for it, now you need to choose someone that can make your design into a theme for you if you have no idea how to do that yourself and when I say a design I do not mean for you to open up Paint and make yourself a header graphic. Doing that will still leave you with the same old basic template.

The other thing I recommend is actually looking to spend a bit of money here, Pay a bit extra and get a fully done smart design and pay the extras for things like removal of designers name etc, I mean if you expect someone to pay $97 for a lifetime membership but you have something like “Value Minisite design” at the bottom of your page that if someone visits can see that you only paid $50 for the design then what they going to think.

So do not scrimp and save here, get the best you can afford as this could make a massive difference to how well your site does or does not do. If you use the same old look as everyone else or a very cheap attempt then unless you have a ton of active members and I mean a ton I am not going to join your site.

Next is the membership levels and credit prices etc. The script comes with pre added credit packages and that starts with Traffic Exchange and Mailer credits prices at around $10 per 1000. Now I am going to say something now that will probably annoy a lot of current owners out there but hopefully make them login and make changes.

So here goes, There is not one TE or Mailer out there that a thousand credits is worth $10, not one and any owner with that as a price needs to question wether they have any idea what they are doing. They will say they do but then they should look at how much their site actually makes. Maybe a hobby owner thinks that is okay but no serious person will.

Ask yourself how many signups someone can get from using a thousand credits at it and then think about how much they are. Here are a couple of examples.

A mailer can deliver on average a 4% open rate so on a 1000 credits thats 40 clicks. At $10 you are valuing each click at 25 cents, Now if that was for a banner click where someone is pre sold and wanted to click through that could be acceptable but still on the steep side. However people predominantly click email links for credits not because they like what you wrote so these sorts of visits are not worth that amount.

Secondly At a Traffic Exchange can deliver on average say 1 signup per 1000 credits, some slightly more than that but also some that incentivize surfing with cash or other things and allow members to surf thousands of pages a day can end up making you need 2000-3000 views to get a signup. So lets stick with the 1 per 1000 as an average. Is that signup worth $10 then?

Same with the membership levels that are currently about. They are set up as standard on where a top program that has tens of thousands of members should have been years ago not set up to reflect the down turn in the industry and the reduction of prices. Have a real big look and think about that and set your levels, rewards and prices accordingly.

Next the sales page, How many times do I see the standard sales letter on a TE or Mailer, you know that if your not using your leaving thousands on the table thing. You really think I am going to join a site that has that, I mean come on think what it looks like to others. To me it shows well a complete lack of effort.

Lastly, the one time offers, Again do not use the standard out the box ones or the look or design of them, to anyone that has seen them a few times they will know that its standard and well again no effort no individuality and boring basic standard. It doesn’t take that long to set up new ones, relevant ones at that.

So to cover it all, you need to put effort into it, you need to make it look worth joining, you need to make it good value and you need to make it look worth what you want to charge. Out of the box does not do that.

Now some will be thinking, Oh I don’t have the money to do that, and that then sadly means you probably should not be opening one. Very few can start basic and grow fast enough looking like that to a stage where its worthwhile in a year or two time.

Others will say I have no idea where to begin and that is okay, there are people that can help. Im always available for a little chat on Skype and to help guide you, you can simply use the buy me a beer page here on my blog to say thanks, $4 for a ton of advice is not bad right?

If you are ready to do it properly you can always hire me and the team of people I work with (Designer etc) to set it up for you. Head over and join my Ready To Go Traffic Sites website as that is where you can hire me to help. It lists prices of things and even has some great little mods for your new sites etc. You can pay bit by bit and we can work out what you need first etc. Its probably not as much as you thought too and well what you will spend is peanuts to what you will earn by doing it right from the off.

Click here to visit Ready To Go Traffic Sites and signup for free.

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    Great information Steve.
    You emphasize a HUGE point in the design work.


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