I Am Making Some Changes To Keep My Business Moving Forward
Due to industry changes I am making some changes to my sites to keep the business viable and the advertising and service quality high.
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Due to some big changes in the industry over the last 4 months I have made some big decisions and that involves restructuring my business to make sure that it keeps moving forward into the future.

There is a lot of speculation as to why a certain payment processor decided to not want to do business with a lot of sites in this industry but the main problem I am having is the refusal of UK merchant accounts and other payment options because of the site being a service and also an opportunity.

The main focus of the changes is to make the sites more about the service and advertising and also less about the opportunity parts.

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After recent events it has highlighted a major issue in Traffic Exchange sites that was mainly being ignored by the owners or the owners that did understand it just did not know how and if they could correct it, so can you change and save a TE?.

Someone built a lot of Traffic Exchanges for people and filled them with mods and games that gave away the farm ad basically put the site into a place where it just was no longer viable to run.

This lead to most sites built by that person either going offline or giving up and that would seem like the end of the road for that site.

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Happy New Year everyone, We are now in 2017 and I am sure this is going to be a great year for us, At first some changes will seem odd, but when we get used to them this industry can grow and thrive like before.

I hope everyone enjoyed the new year celebrations and had a really good time, My head is pounding and I danced all the way to the office this morning. I am going back to bed tho to sleep more.

So as we come to an end of my 12 Days Around Christmas promo we end where we started but better 🙂

The first day I gave you $0.50 Steve Points and today I am doubling that to give you $1.00 worth of points for you to use however you see fit,

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