Over the last few weeks I have been promoting some advertising sites that are not directly involved in the Traffic Exchange or Mailer field but very much so the Internet Marketing and Work From Home niche. However, You MUST Take Action.

I promoted these as very good places to advertise to get people to spend money with you and there was a very good reason for this. The people in these sites tend not to be the penny surfers, they are not really people making a collection of trinkets while surfing,

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I have noticed a lot of other owners request an update to the LFMTE script that would add extra months to the Startpage or Spotlight calendar on actually both the LFMTE script and also the LFMVM.

I have some instructions on how you can simply do this yourself below.

The instructions are for the LFMTE startpage however the area which you duplicate is pretty much the same on the spotlight.php page that features in both the TE and Mailer script so if you wish to edit that you will need to copy the similar area that is shown within the blue commas from the spotlight.php file as the wording changes from startpage to spotlight.

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I was having a play with how I promote some sites that I use a lot and I decided that there should be a place on my blog for Sites I Use A Lot.

So as a lot of people ask me where the best places that I have found are that I promote my sites at I thought lets create this random site showing link and let people check them out as and when they wish.

So that is what I have done,

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Over the last few days I have been promoting Thank You Page Connection and I really wanted to share my results with you to explain why.

I think when I promote something a lot it is a very good idea to explain why and especially when I am promoting something that not many other Traffic Exchange and Mailer owners are.

You may have read about this site but if not then you really need to know the one thing that excited me and made me join was that it operates in an area of the market that not many Traffic Exchange and Mailer owners operate and therefore there is a lot less competition.

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So about a week ago I joined this new site “Thank You Page Connection” and set up my banner & text ads etc and immediately started getting some results.

Then on Saturday they added the main component the Thank You Page Ads. I immediately set that part up too and added my ads and then placed the code on my login page rotator. You may have actually seen it when logging in to one of my sites.

If not here is the code here so you can see what your ads show up like

So over the last few days my ads have been getting clicks and even a few signups have already come from them.

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When promoting online there can be some instances where you actually lose a sale without even knowing.

You might be throwing affiliate commissions down the drain.

The thing is that people can actually take sales away from you by removing, or changing your affiliate ID on the end of the links that you promote.

But that is not all, You can also lose a sale because of people not wanting to click links that look too long or suspicious or even not part of what is being promoted.

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