Well Christmas is fast approaching and it is funny how people remember little things.

I got a support ticket asking when I was putting the snow on my websites this year 🙂

Well the good news is that the snow is now back as well as the Christmas headers too.

I will also be running my 12 Days Around Christmas promo again this year where I have a free gift for you each day and that will again start on the 21st December so keep watching this blog for that.

Back to the Christmas decorations on websites.

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It has been a very hard year for the Traffic Exchange and Mailer industry as a whole and it doesn’t show much sign of vastly improving any time soon.

There is a list floating about of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers that have gone offline and we are pretty close to 500 now so that shows something in itself.

One thing with the last few years in this industry is that there have been new TE’s and Mailers open but most (Nearly all) have been basic standard out of the box set up with simple errors like not even changing prices really obvious.

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This is something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.

The idea sort of came about when I was thinking about new mailers that open they have a great click through rate for a while then it evens out and steadies out.

As the site grows, the clickthrough rate tends not to increase with the growth and I have been putting that down to people just not clicking emails and forgetting as such about the site.

So with people not really clicking or opening or reading the emails it can be a big drain on your mailing credits/sends.

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So as mentioned last week, I have now made some changes to the Get More Marketing Club and it is now live so anyone can join.

I have removed the Pass from the membership so now you don’t get any upgrades as they are now available again inside each site. But I have added some new features too.

In comes AdRectangle where you can get your 125 banners shown in my rotators and also a host of new promo codes. The value of the ads you get with the promo codes is worth more than the lifetime membership fee of the club so its a bit of a no brainer really.

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Yes, you read that right Upgrades Are Back at all my sites.

Nearly a year ago now I tried something different, I like to be someone that tries and tests things.

I took out all the upgrades at the sites and made the upgraded memberships available in one great big deal called the Get More Marketing Pass.

While a good group of people jumped on that awesome offer for each one that did there was two people who wanted the ability to upgrade in just the one or a few sites of their choice rather than have to buy the pass for all the upgrades.

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