About Me

A Little Bit About Yours Truly & My Time Online.

Name: Steve Ayling
Age: 43
Born: Leicester UK
Lives: Skegness UK
Time Online: 20 Years
Vocation: Entrepreneur
Business Name: SteveAyling.com

Steve Ayling here with a little bit about me and my network of businesses.

The Story

Born in Leicester (United Kingdom) and part of a Royal Air Force family (RAF) we moved about a bit from air base to air base. After dad retired from the RAF we settled down in Shawbury (Shropshire) where I attended Wem secondary school and college.

I started my working career based at Shawbury where I have done a whole host of jobs including working in a laundrette sorting clothes, bar work at a pub and then a bowling alley, fairground work, mobile catering trailer work for various caterers, kitchen work & receptionist at a bowling alley, duty manager and assistant manager for AMF Bowling as well as a relief manager looking after other bowling centres around the UK for a few days at a time. I have also worked putting up security fencing for Jooles Holland concerts, I was a market trader & ran a towel and bedding shop for a Bolton based textile company, I packaged food bags for prisons with my family in our spare time, delivered telephone directories and had a few more odd jobs through a temporary employment agency.

My own business adventures started in 1998 with a family run mobile catering business and then as a market trader and a children's ride operator (Yes, I even bought a small children's roundabout ride). I worked markets and events alongside the other part time jobs, but eventually constant promotion at the Bowling alley meant that working there with a nice full time salary resulted in my businesses being paused or sold.

Online I had dabbled in building websites and internet marketing during my spare time since 2002 when we first had the internet installed at home and started my first website in 2003. SteveAyling.com was born in 2006 until eventually in 2008 I decided I had gone as far as I wanted (and probably could) at the Bowling alley and that it was time to do what I always wanted to do and move to the seaside and work for myself full time again (I think that once you are a self employed business person you always want to work for yourself). So, with that in May of 2008 I moved to the Seaside (Skegness) and went full time online.

I have built, run and sold many online businesses and websites since then including some big names in the Internet Marketing niche like MailOurlist, TrafficAtTheRaces, CarnivalClicks, CryptoAdProfits, EasyCashAdvertisingSystem & many many more. I have also built a lot of websites for other people too.

In 2018 after 10 full years online I decided it was time to start another offline business as sitting at a computer for hours a day had meant that I was looking a bit "bigger built" (fat). I also missed the dealing with the customer face to face part as online you seem to just email and message, so after a lot of training and setting up in 2019 I became a locksmith and narrowed down my online efforts. Online, I still promoted other peoples products and services as an affiliate via a variety of self built sites and I still worked for others doing bits of website development work on the sites I had originally built for them or sold to them.

So heading into 2022 I have decided to pull back a little more with the online work retaining the SteveAylingRecommends site to promote other peoples stuff and a new hobby site called Totally Free TE which is a Traffic Exchange that is totally free to use (Eventually launched in March 2023).

With those as my two main online sites (along with this Hub site) I was able to proceed with another offline business venture, so I partnered with a friend and we bought a little donut trailer. We are now available to attend events in the Lincolnshire area of the UK serving freshly made American donuts with both hot and cold drinks.

In May 2024 I sold the Traffic Exchange and launched my new game stall business in a further move away from as much online work. The games trailer (Ring Toss Game) is ready to go and available for events in the East Lincolnshire area.

Thanks for reading,

Steve Ayling

Skegness Locksmith, Game Attendant, Donut Cook & Internet Marketer.

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