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Ring Toss Game Launch - May 2024

My Ring Toss Game trailer/stall is now ready to go and the website is complete.

Events Confirmed For Donut Sales - February 2024

We are happy to announce that we have secured pitches at Friskney Show, Spilsby Show and Sutton On Sea & Trusthorpe Carnival for the 2024 season where the Donut trailer will be attending.

Cylinder Key Cutting - February 2024

My locksmith business now offers key cutting for cylinder type keys and I carry a selection of key blanks for the most common locks and for most locks that I supply so now if you need extra keys when buying a lock just ask.

1* Locks Added - December 2023

I now stock a full range of sizes for the 1* lock equivalent of the standard euro cylinder that we have carried for the last 4 and a half years.

Open For Bookings - November 2023

We are now taking bookings for the 2024 season for the Event Donuts "Donut Trailer" so if you organise an event in the East Lincolnshire area of the UK then please get in touch.

New Project Started - October 2023

I have purchased a second trailer which I am going to turn into a Game Stall to attend local events, Keep watching for when this is launched.

Donut Trailer Is Ready To Go - October 2023

Work on the Donut trailer has taken just over a year but she is now ready to go after having all the gas system redone and a lot more work to bring the 30 year old trailer up to 2023 standards. We are proud to announce that we have a 5 rating (The highest possible) for food safety.

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