Free PDF Reports

The blog has gone but then came my free reports.

I used to write blog posts about the Traffic Exchange and advertising sites niche but a blog needed constantly updating and the main parts that helped Traffic Exchange owners and users ended up way down the list of posts.

Since the removal of my blog a lot of owners asked if I still had the information that they could read as it was a big help to owners and users alike.

I did keep the information and decided to spend some time writing some reports on the various traffic exchange / internet marketing related subjects.

I am now pleased to share these with you and when some said I should sell them it was tempting. However the blog posts were free and I wanted the information to reach as many as possible so I have made them free too.

To make it easy to deliver the reports I have uploaded them to the downloads area of my Steve Ayling Recommends website. It is totally free to join and use the site and you can just login to grab the reports if you wish. Click the big blue banner above to check them out now.

Thanks For Reading

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